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Ty and Venessa Crandell Enjoying Nature
Ty and Venessa Crandell Enjoying Nature



“Why do we have to wait for the worst to be our best?” Ty Crandell believes that you don’t have to wait for a catastrophe in your life to occur to have that wake-up call to get out there and start living your dream.

If there’s one thing to know about Ty and Venessa Crandell, it’s that their wealth, success, and freedom is not a result of one person or one thing. The life they live now is a result of the culmination of their past experiences and life-long desires, their hard work and determination, their devotion to one another, and the inspiration and friendships they have built along the way.

If you had told either of them that their life would be defined by complete financial freedom 15 years ago, Ty and Venessa probably wouldn’t have believed you. The kind of financial freedom that allows them both to focus on each other and their family full-time was always what they wanted their days to look like, but the Crandells would have never believed they would reach their goals so early on in their lifetime. However, thanks to the support and the insight from their lifelong friends and mentors, Ty and Venessa have been blessed with the opportunity to spend each and every day the way they want to––focusing on their family.

But the couple didn’t get here by accident. While he was in still in school, Ty was working hard slinging dough as a pizza maker, pumping gas as a gas station attendant, toiling long hours as a construction worker, all the while cleaning several office buildings at night and on the weekends as a janitor. Needless to say, hard work was no stranger to him. Soon after his long days working four jobs and going to school, Ty began his career in real estate hoping to make a sustainable life for himself and his future family.

But Ty quickly realized that working long hours and over-committing himself to a 9 to 5 job wasn’t working for him. Around this time in his career, Ty’s business had brought him to the beautiful island of Jamaica, and he fell in love. However, it wasn’t just the island’s beauty that stole his heart. While he was in Jamaica on business, he met his soul-mate and lifelong partner, Venessa.

After only dating for a few months, Ty and Venessa tied the knot and decided to establish a life for themselves that would allow them to find fulfillment and purpose in their meaningful life. Instead of settling for a lifetime of professional work to sustain their family’s needs and desires, Ty and Vanessa decided they valued being a family over being professionals and they wanted to live a life that reflected that. They wanted a life that allowed them to be 100 percent focused on their family 100 percent of the time.

Ty and Venessa changed their goals and their life after seeking out mentors who share similar life values and are now some of their dearest friends.They learned to redefine their life with new insight and new values to live their life by. Now, the couple travels all around the U.S. with a young daughter in tow inspiring others with their success stories. Even with their packed schedule, Ty and Venessa still make time to travel back and forth to Jamaica to enjoy the sunshine and spend time with Venessa’s family. Due to the level of success that they’ve achieved in their joint business, Ty and Venessa are able to fully support her family. For them, there is no greater feeling in the world than being able to tell their parents they never have to work another day in their lives.

Ty and Venessa now know that they don’t have to wait for the worst to be their best. Their story has proved to them and inspired others that the life you dream of is not only possible, but it’s totally within reach of anyone who truly believes in themselves and doesn’t wait around for their dreams to come true. All you need is the will to make a change.