building a legacy

About Ty and Venessa Crandell™

If there’s one thing to know about Ty and Venessa Crandell, it’s they are focused on building a legacy. They have worked hard on building their dream life and continue to live a life of significance as they continue on this journey together. 

They are driven by their values of faith, family, legacy, mindset, and significance.

While Ty began his career in real estate hoping to make a sustainable life for himself and his future family, his business brought him to the beautiful island of Jamaica, and he fell in love. However, it wasn’t just the island’s beauty that stole his heart. While he was there, he met his soul-mate and lifelong partner, Venessa.

After only dating for a few months, Ty and Venessa tied the knot and decided to establish a life for themselves that would allow them to find fulfillment and purpose. 

Ty and Venessa changed their goals and their life after seeking out mentors who share similar life values and are now some of their dearest friends.They learned to redefine their life with new insight and new values to live by. 

Ty and Venessa’s story has proved to them and inspired others that the life you dream of is not only possible, but it’s totally within reach of anyone who truly believes in themselves and doesn’t wait around for their dreams to come true. All you need is the will to make a change.

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