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Personal Development

Strengthen Your Work Habits 

Motivation will take you a long way. But chasing your big dreams is a tough road filled with roadblocks, speed bumps, and U-turns. So, along your journey you need something other than pure motivation to keep you going through the ups and downs: enter work habits....

Colorful wooden letters spell out the phrase, “build good habits.” A clear mug of herbal tea sits next to it all on a worn wooden surface.

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 

Valentine’s Day may get a bad rap sometimes. While one group of people love the holiday and go all out, the other group believes it to be an unnecessary celebration driven by the consumer industry. But we say, just have a little fun with it! Whether you’re...

Red and pink paper hearts sit in a row alternating colors.
LegacyPersonal Development

Going from Dreamers to Doers 

Tired of just dreaming about your goals and ambitions? It's time to transform those aspirations into concrete action. Today, we’re sharing practical strategies and actionable steps to help entrepreneurs (like yourself) go from dreamers to doers!  From setting...

A man stands looking out at a snowy mountain scape with a banner wrapper around his shoulders that says, “land of the dreamer.”
Personal Development

The Power of a Positive Attitude 

We always say, “improve your attitude; improve your life!” And we believe that to our core. The power of a positive attitude is a real thing, but not just because we say so. There have been many studies to back it up.   Not only are we sharing the...

Many colorful balloons fill in the space between two green hedges.