3 Family-Friendly Water Games to Try This Summer

by | May 15, 2020 | Family

Summertime is made for water! Afternoon swims, beach vacations, and weekends at the lake are all popular approaches to beat the heat. But there are many more ways to make a splash. Here are three family-friendly water games to try this summer.

1. Boat Races

This activity combines innovation and water to create a memorable day outside. All you need is a pool and a boat for each player. The creativity lies in making your boat. You can use anything waterproof and buoyant to build your boat. Here are a few ideas:

Once you’ve constructed your boat, it’s time to race! Line up your boats on one edge of the pool and decide which method players will use to propel them (straw, pushing the water, wind, etc.). Whichever boat touches the opposite edge first, wins.

2. Frozen Feet

Frozen feet is the perfect game for those sweltering summer days. You’ll need ice cubes, a kiddie pool, a timer, and chairs and buckets for every player. Fill the kiddie pool with water, then place the chairs and buckets along the edge. Pour the ice cubes into the pool and have each participant sit in a chair. On your go, players must use to place as many ice cubes as they can in the bucket, using only their feet. When time is up, whoever has the most ice cubes in their bucket wins. Find this game and more like it here.

3. The Um Game

If you don’t want to get completely soaked, the Um Game is worth a try. The rules are simple. Start by asking your little ones to brainstorm a list of random topics, then write your favorites on slips of paper. Next, grab a clean spray bottle and fill it with fresh water. You’ll also need a timer. The object of the game is to talk about a topic for an entire minute without using the word um, or pausing for more than three seconds. Every time the speaker says um, or doesn’t speak for an extended period of time, the person holding the spray bottle will squirt the speaker as a penalty. Because extemporaneous speaking is tough, almost every speaker will end up getting sprayed. This game will not only help your family practice their public speaking skills, but it will also keep them cool!

Who knew that combining household items and a little water could be so enjoyable? Try these three water games for a surefire way to keep your family entertained this summer. As always, make sure to follow safety guidelines, wear sunscreen, and have fun!