Five Positive Mantras to Take with You into 2024 

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Personal Development

Your words and thoughts have power. And although mantras aren’t magic words that will give you everything you want, they’re a great start for heading into the new year with optimism and good vibes. Keep on reading for a few positive mantras to take with you into 2024. 

How Do You “Use” Mantras? 

First let’s talk about making the most of mantras. Here are a few ideas on how to “use” them in your life in 2024: 

  • Write them down in a journal and reflect on them. 
  • Use them as part of your morning routine to get your day started on a positive note. 
  • Say them out loud throughout the day if you’re feeling unmotivated. 
  • Use them to reframe negative thoughts into positive actions. 

Five Positive Mantras for 2024 

Let’s make 2024 the best with these five positive mantras! 

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1. “I am rising above.” 

Whatever challenges came your way in 2023, 2024 is your time to rise above. Be proud of the fact that the setbacks you faced were there because you were moving forward and stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s already a huge win, and you’re already ahead of the game. Continue with that forward motion and keep that momentum going!  

2. “I am growing and learning every day.” 

In the effort to “rise above,” know that part of that journey is to continue to grow and learn every day. And remember, both “grow” and “learn” are ACTION words. Continue to be the best you can possibly be by doing the work and implementing your knowledge into everyday life. Build a foundation of healthy work habits and know that being an entrepreneur means that you’ll always be growing to the next level. It never ends, but that’s what’s so exciting about it! 

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3. “I love who I am, and I love who I am becoming.” 

This mantra is about the journey. As we continue to look forward to our futures with ambition, it’s important that we continue to live in the now with gratitude. Because, yes, it’s absolutely possible to appreciate who you are NOW while also anticipating who you’re becoming.  

4. “I have what it takes to reach my goals.” 

In 2024, we’re going to believe in ourselves more! Take this positive mantra with you in order to focus on your mindset and build confidence in your abilities. You have the tools and resources to reach your goals. Now, you simply need to back it up with grit and perseverance. And if you’re ever feeling down, be sure to have people in your life who speak encouragement and belief back into you. They’ll believe in you until you remember to believe in yourself! 

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5. “I’m thriving in 2024!” 

Lastly, bring excitement, enthusiasm, energy, and inspiration into 2024 by letting this positive mantra become your reality. Thrive in 2024 by dreaming big, casting your vision, and following through on it with action. You’ve got this, and you’ll make 2024 the best year yet! 

Positive Mantras for a Fabulous Year! 

As we quickly approach a new year, remember that you have control over your attitude. These positive mantras are a first step into entering 2024 with gusto! 

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