Four Things To Do Today To Make Your Future Self Proud

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Legacy, Personal Development

It is almost always a pleasure to read success stories. Tales of triumphs will likely make you wonder about the secrets of people’s victories. Well, a close look at the journey of well-accomplished individuals will likely reveal that it involves making a lot of wise decisions. These observations mean that if you want to enjoy a more secure and happier future, there are things you want to start doing today. The following are some actions you can take to make your future self proud:

Take time to invest.

You are free to use the money you are earning today for your needs and wants. However, since no one can really be sure what tomorrow can bring, it is a good idea to set aside a portion of your income for investments. This means purchasing something that has the potential to yield great returns in a few years. This should be aside from the money you regularly set aside for savings. As all investments come with risks, remember to be careful and study available options so you can choose the one that will fit your budget and goals.

Make bold decisions.

Are there ventures you always wanted to start? Maybe you have been thinking of starting a business? Or maybe it is your goal to live overseas for a while? Instead of simply daydreaming or waiting for the right moment to come, you may want to be brave and finally take the risks to do it. If you are confident that you have enough resources and adequate skills, doing it earlier will take it off your chest and may mean less “what if” moments later in life. Of course, it is still important to be careful by being aware and ready for whatever the consequences of your decisions may be.

Be kind.

There are many reasons to believe that it will be for your own good if you choose to seize opportunities to be a blessing to others today. First of all, even a small act of good deed can already make a positive difference to others. It will also give you a sense of fulfillment that can inspire you to achieve great things. Likewise, you are unlikely to regret striving to be a better person at all times. It may mean choosing to forgive rather than be angry, choosing to give rather than receive, and choosing to comfort rather than judge. When you look back, you will likely be proud of yourself for doing the right thing.

Break bad habits.

People are generally aware of the harmful effects of bad habits in their lives. Yet so many stubbornly cling to them until they start reaping its unpleasant effects and end up in regrets. If you do not want to suffer this fate, you better start taking action to say goodbye to damaging habits such as smoking and procrastinating now. Take small steps today and you may soon be surprised that you have completely replaced bad habits with good ones.

A great future rarely happens by chance; it is the effect of every decision you make today. One way to gauge if you can look forward to better days is if your current actions will be something you will be proud of later on.