Four Ways to Live in the Now with Gratitude

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Personal Development

We live in a world that’s all about the “next big thing.” We long for more than what we have in the present, and we dream of bigger and better. Is all of this bad? Not at all. But while working for that next goal of yours, it’s important to be grateful for what you already have and live in the now. 

Your life, in this moment, is filled with blessings that you once only dreamed of, so learn to appreciate them! We’re giving you a few simple ways to add more gratitude to your daily routine, and maybe even change your life. 

Practice gratitude daily. 

On a bed, a white coffee mug sits on top of a book with an open journal sitting next to it. 

The first way to live in the now with gratitude is an obvious one. Be grateful every day in a tangible way by starting a gratitude journal. What we love about a gratitude journal is that you can invest as much or as little time as you want. This practice can easily fit into your daily routine because you get to decide what to make of it. 

Head to this blog on how to start a gratitude journal for ideas on prompts, tips, and additional resources! 

Live in the now by finding the good. 

A ray of sun shines up through clouds in the sky and creates a silver lining around them.

Our brains are hardwired to look for the negative in every situation (read up on the fascinating research behind negative bias). So, let’s trick our brains by finding the good!  

Here’s how we find the good during difficulty: 

  • Ask yourself what can be learned from the situation. 
  • Jot your thoughts into a journal to help you process. 
  • Reflect on who was there for you during the hard times. 
  • Do your best to find the silver lining! Bonus points if you add it to your gratitude journal!  

Appreciate the small things, stay positive, and continue to live in the now with gratitude. 

Unplug from technology. 

A man walks by a dog on a wooden bridge.

Yes, technology is beneficial in many ways, but it’s also something to be aware of when it comes to your ability to live in the now. This is especially true of social media. Not only can social media deprive you of joy in the form of comparison, it’s also a classic time waster.  

Alternatives to technology that will help you be present: 

  • Go on a walk or jog without your headphones. 
  • Meditate and practice mindfulness.  
  • Go on a hike and observe the nature around you. 
  • Have dinner with friends or family around the table. Focus on fruitful conversation! 
  • Pick up a new hobby like crafting, reading, bird watching, or sports! 

It’s important that we take time to reset and detox from social media so that we remain in the present and appreciate today! 

Seek like-minded people. 

Two dogs run along a dirt path toward the camera.

Lastly, being present is easier done alongside great company. Whether at networking events, or just out running errands, get to know those around you. Ask them questions and learn their stories!  

You’re sure to find like-minded people who want to dream big and become the best versions of themselves. These are the people who will help you love the present while working for your future. 

It’s your time to live in the now and love your life. 

In the midst of striving for your dream life, remember that today has magic of its own. Live in the now and love the life you’re creating because this is your journey, and it’s a beautiful one. 

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