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The Most Important Thing You Can Leave Behind for Your Kids?

by | Legacy

What is your legacy? What do you leave behind for your family once you’re no longer with them? If your first thought was just to say, “I have a significant amount of money saved up to take care of them,” then you probably haven’t built a legacy. A legacy is about so much more than money; it’s about the lessons and the values you instill in your kids, the kind that last a lifetime and beyond.

Leave Your Kids a Legacy of Hope

In the darkest of times, the most important of all resources is one that can’t be drilled or mined or even synthesized in a lab. The world needs hope.

One of the greatest and most important things that you can leave behind for your kids is a legacy of hope. Teach them that hope lights up the darkness and dispels all negativity. Instill in them the sense that hope persists, even in the face of extreme adversity.

When you teach your children to hope beyond measure, you create an immeasurably positive legacy that has the power to change the world.

Build a Legacy of Trust

Trust cannot be won. Trust cannot be bought. Trust must be earned and built over time. Like hope, trust is a priceless commodity.

If you possibly can, leave your children with a legacy of trust. Help them to understand the fundamental principles involved in building and maintaining trust. Again, this effort will go a long way to making the world a better place—not only for your kids, but for their kids, and their kids’ kids.

Create a Legacy of Kindness

Above all else, kindness is a virtue that’s everlasting. When you impart the value of kindness to your children, you leave behind a remarkable legacy.

Being kind to their fellow man will not only serve your kids well, it will also improve the world in priceless ways.

Leaving behind financial freedom for your children is wonderful to ensure that they’ll never worry about material comforts, but what’s more important in the end is that your children are kind, trustworthy (and trusting), and hopeful. That legacy will be carried on for generations to come.


  1. Delvin. Griffiths

    This is the kind of message the world need to hear,a message of hope,love,kindness. We love you and hope your message reach all over the world.

  2. theresa murdock

    A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with, impossible to forget, I thank you for making, I thank you for playing apart in my journey.

  3. Shantell litchmore

    Leaveing behind financial freedom for your kids is wonderful but what’s more important is that there kind and trustworthy. Good message

  4. Simone Lewis

    I really love the concept of legacy and the opportunity I have with you Ty and Venessa to create and transfer such to my son. I am very scared by the thought of living my life, working for 40-45 years at a job just to be able to afford to send my son to school to learn to work hard at a job for 40-45 years. Thank you both for helping my husband and I to break the line of generational poverty associated with our families.

  5. Hansel

    “Leaving behind financial freedom for your children is wonderful to ensure that they’ll never worry about material comforts”

    Leaving within them the mindset of abundance. So they can leave free and express freely, themselves.
    Freedom to tackle their passions.l and other endeavors. Limitless possibilities to learn and enjoy life even long after I am gone.
    I would be at peace

    I love this article so much.