There is nothing more important for Ty and Venessa Crandell than their family. They put their family—both their immediate family and their extended family—above everything else on their priorities list. Ty and Venessa have realized that, at the end of the day, family takes precedence, and they’re ecstatic to be able to spend as much time with theirs as they want. Whether they’re traveling back and forth to Jamaica or just chilling at home with their daughter in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Venessa grew up in Port Antonio, Jamaica, where the average income was $2,000 per year. Her family back home in Jamaica worked as hard as they could to provide for themselves and for Venessa, but even still, it was difficult to expand beyond the limited constraints of the local economy. As she got older, she was more and more able to help out with her family’s business, but she always knew she wanted more for herself and for her family. That’s what inspired her ultimately to build her own company independently. Venessa, like Ty, learned about the keys to wealth creation through positive new associations. With those keys, she was able to unlock the door to a brighter future for herself and for her family. To this day, she still supports her family back home in Jamaica, and she’s so happy that she’s able to help them build a more comfortable life.

Practically on the other side of the world, Ty grew up in Portland, Oregon. Ty and Venessa love to joke that they both grew up in Portland, because Port Antonio is a city within the Portland parish of Jamaica. All jokes aside, Ty had a very different childhood from Venessa, but nonetheless, he still values spending quality time with his family. They are all a tight-knit bunch, and Ty’s grateful that he gets to experience the freedom of spending as much time as he wants with them now that he and Venessa have both established financial freedom for themselves.

As far as their own little immediate family goes, Ty and Venessa are beyond happy that they get to be full-time parents to their daughter. Ty says of their daughter, “I want her to be able to stand on our shoulders and have a better life than we do.”

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