Ty and Venessa Crandell have been financially free for many years now, but more than that, they’ve been free in so many regards for longer. Ever since they first encountered their respective mentors, both Ty and Venessa have felt freedom pervade their every decision.

Their journey to financial freedom was paved with positive values and inspirational and aspirational mentorship. Freedom for the Crandells has been about so much more than just being able to build a company that allows them to get out of the daily 9 to 5 grind. For them, freedom has meant the ability to be full-time parents to their young daughter. It’s meant being able to travel freely back and forth between the United States and Jamaica to be an active part of Venessa’s family.

While they’re in Jamaica, they also have the distinct pleasure of being able to give back to the community on the whole. Ty and Venessa delight in partnering with local people to create brighter futures for everyone.

Beyond the financial, family, and philanthropic freedoms, Ty and Venessa enjoy the unique opportunity to give back on a more personal level. Since they’ve established their company, they’ve been able to pay the freedom that they’ve earned forward. As often as they can, they inspire others to start their own journeys toward financial success and freedom. On a more one-on-one basis, they mentor others to achieve their dreams. For them, mentorship is yet another expression of their freedom. If they’d stuck with more traditional means of making a living, they know they wouldn’t have had the time, experience, or resources to be able to spend so much time helping others.

Ty and Venessa have come to realize that mentorship truly does make all the difference, and that’s why they’ve decided to dedicate such a large amount of their free time to mentoring others the way they were mentored. They’re so grateful that they were mentored by such phenomenal people, and they hope to be as inspirational for others as those people were for them. They know how marvelous true freedom is, and they want to spread that sweet freedom all over the world.

Ty and Venessa CrandellFreedom