“It’s not about perfection; it’s about progression,” Ty Crandell says of the legacy he’s working on creating with his wife, Venessa. They recognize, also, that forging a legacy isn’t simply about establishing something to leave behind; it’s about instilling something transformational and lasting within the people you know and love. In everything they do, they try to stick by their values and lead inspirational lives—lives that inspire people not just to aim for greater success and financial freedom, but to aspire to live lives of significance.

Ty and Venessa feel incredibly blessed that they’re able to decide the kind of legacy they’re instilling in the world and within their family. Because they’ve been able to attain financial freedom for themselves and for their family, they’ve also had a major say in how they spend their time and how they devote their resources. As such, they’ve elected to dedicate the majority of both their time and their resources to helping others.

Whether they’re mentoring others to build more secure financial futures for themselves, or they’re giving back in more immediately tangible ways within their communities, Ty and Venessa take pride in paying their good fortune forward. They are more than happy to be able to spend their days making the world a better place, and they hope that, in the end, that’s truly their legacy. They want to leave the world a better place than they found it—not just for its own sake, but for the sake of their daughter.

For Ty and Venessa, “Success is unfulfilling without meaningful relationships,” so those are precisely the values they invest in: fulfilling, meaningful relationships and the notion of a positive legacy of hope and perseverance.

It’s their hope that they can instill in their daughter the same kind of determination to help others and to contribute to everyone’s collective success as they’ve worked so hard to establish for themselves. Growing up in a household with parents like Ty and Venessa, there’s no doubt that she’ll be a thoughtful and loving person, someone who cares deeply about others and knows how to show it. There’s no better legacy than that.

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