Stop Giving Power to Your Problems (Instead, Seek Solutions!) 

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Personal Development

When things just don’t seem to be going right, it’s hard to move your energy away from the negative thoughts. But those negative thoughts give power to your problems rather than find solutions for them.  

Instead of talking about the problem, dwelling on it, venting about it, or even gossiping about others’ problems, be a solution seeker. Here are five steps to take in order to stop giving power to your problems today. 

A street sign says, “Turning Point.”

Seek Resolution 

In seeking a solution to your problems, the first step is to actually seek resolution. What does this mean? It means that you DECIDE to change your situation. This Parade™ article describes the difference between a resolution and a solution as follows: “A resolution is a decision to do something, and a solution is a way the problem is solved.” 

In order to make a change, make the decision to move in a new direction. 

Seek Perspective 

After you’ve resolved to put an end to your problems, the next step is to seek perspective. Although you can gain perspective by journaling, contemplating, and by praying, sometimes the simplest way to gain perspective is by gleaning wisdom from those around you. 

Be careful that seeking perspective from someone doesn’t become a way for you to expand your problems. Instead, engage in uplifting and problem-solving dialogue and ask for their sincere thoughts and opinions. 

Someone writes in a journal on a wooden surface.

Seek Solutions 

It’s time to put your problem-solving hat on! After you’ve made the decision and gained perspective, you’re ready to create a plan. Every person is different and may have a different way to solve problems. If you need ideas on ways to apply problem-solving strategies in real life, check out this VeryWellMind™ article, “Problem-Solving Strategies and Obstacles.” 

We’ll list some of these problem-solving tactics here: 

  • Create a flowchart. 
  • Recall past experiences. 
  • Trial and error. 
  • Journaling/alone time. 

Seek Change 

It’s not enough to have a plan. It’s time to take action, and sometimes this means making a change. Continue to have an open mind during this process, because we all know change doesn’t come easily.  

We constantly talk about personal growth and development, and this is why! When it’s time to make a change and put a plan into action, you want to be prepared with the right mindset. Your self-discipline and willpower will come in handy here. 

An open sketchbook with a white paintbrush on it has the words, “choose joy,” painted on it with bright colors.

Seek Positivity 

Lastly, combat the negativity of your problems with positivity. If you keep feeding the negativity with complaining, whining, and dwelling on the bad circumstances in life, they will continue to grow. Redirect your energy and seek positivity!  

Remember, Your Problems Don’t Define You 

Most importantly, remember that you are not your problems. You are not your past, and you can absolutely make a shift and stop the cycle of negativity in your life.  

You have what it takes! Head to our blog, “Level Up Your Life and Business in Six Steps,” for tips that will help you be an even stronger problem-solver.