Three Signs You Are On Your Way To Creating A Good Legacy

You need not worry about how you will be remembered.
Instead, focus on living a life of character, conviction, and compassion
and your legacy will never be forgotten – Dr. Robyn Silverman 

It is safe to say that everyone wants to lead a life of purpose and leave a good legacy behind. To have a fulfilling life that serves as a blessing to yourself and the people around you. Nevertheless, self-doubt is also an emotion that we all experience every once in a while. It is not unusual that as you start questioning your worth and abilities, you also begin wondering about the legacy you are leaving behind. Parents may worry that they are not raising their kids well while corporate professionals may feel incompetent to deliver good performance at work. 

If you are not vigilant enough, the crippling emotion can leave you feeling helpless and discouraged. But when you come to think of it, the feeling of not being good enough may indicate your longing for change and improvement. This new way of looking at self-doubt can open your eyes to the reality that in spite of it all, you are still on the right track. If you are still doubtful, here are a few indicators that you are doing better than you think:

You never quit.

You may have lost a few battles and feeling like a failure. There may also be days when you feel too tired to start another venture. Yet, at the end of the day, you pick yourself up and decide to try again. Instead of quitting, you reflect on the lessons you learned and muster enough guts to start over. Simply refusing to give up on life is already a good legacy to leave behind because you become a living example of resilience and courage.  

You genuinely care about someone/something. 

No one lives for himself or herself alone. Some may be dedicated to their jobs while others are committed to their loved ones or family. To be passionate about someone or something gives your life a sense of purpose. Your efforts to serve others also makes you valuable to the people, profession, or organization you care about. This also indicates that in your own little way, you can already make a big contribution to the world.

You treat others fairly.

We all have a choice in this world, to be good or to be bad. To confidently say that you always choose to do the right thing means you are generally living a life of integrity. Your resolve to treat others the way you wanted to be treated shows your desire to be just and fair. By not harming and mistreating anyone, you are spreading kindness. As they say, one good action can send ripples of positive vibes so you may not realize it, but you are already creating a legacy you can be proud of.

Leaving a wonderful legacy may seem like a huge and challenging task. However, a bit of self-reflection will reveal that it should be not as hard or complicated. As you keep fighting to lead a good life and choosing to move forward, you are already on your way to leaving a positive mark in the world. 

Ty and Venessa CrandellThree Signs You Are On Your Way To Creating A Good Legacy
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Mindsets That Can Hinder You From Leaving A Good Legacy

Try and leave this world a little better than you found it, and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate, you have not wasted your time but have done your best – Robert Baden-Powell

Life is a gift too precious to waste. Thus, we expect everyone to enjoy life to the fullest. In our own little way, we all strive to gain experiences, explore opportunities, and achieve success. However, if you truly wish to make your life worthwhile, It is important to be aware of the responsibility to leave a good legacy. But how do you start your journey of leaving a good legacy? You can do this by making an effort to create a positive impact with every project you work on, every place you go to, and in every person you encounter. It also means choosing to avoid negative attitudes and bad habits. The following are three mindsets that will make it impossible for you to leave a wonderful legacy:

Refusing to hone talent and pursue excellence.

A good legacy should inspire people: something you cannot do if you refuse to believe in your own capabilities. Each of us has a talent to share and it is our duty to hone it. Aside from simply pursuing your craft or passion, you also refuse to settle for mediocrity by taking steps to continually improve in what you do. This makes it possible for you to produce outstanding work or accomplish exemplary tasks. Your adherence to excellence will likely empower people and encourage them to do the same. Both your work and your attitude will lead to lasting legacy you can be proud of.

Refusing to act with kindness.

It may not seem apparent but your behavior affects the people around you. Your words and actions can make or break someone’s day. Thus, if your goal is to lead someone in the right direction, you may want to always consider kindness. Practice empathy, patience, and understanding in the way you react to things and interact with others.The decision to be kind can be a bit challenging at times but when you come to think of it, resorting to rude actions and gestures rarely solve anything. On the contrary, choosing kindness can help you make a positive and lasting difference to others.

Refusing to share.

Legacy is sharing, so it involves being generous with your time, talent, and resources. If you can paint, sing, or cook, you may want to seek various ways on how you can use your skills to help society. Instead of stubbornly holding on to too much stuff, consider donating your extra resources to groups that need it. You can also spend valuable time as volunteers to support causes that you believe in. To successfully create a good legacy, practice generosity and throw selfishness out the window.

Leaving a legacy may sound like a big task but is nevertheless something that is worth all the effort. After all, our time in this world may be limited, but the legacy you will leave behind can last for generations to come. Moreover, it is clearly a way of giving back to the world, an action that will likewise give a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Ty and Venessa CrandellMindsets That Can Hinder You From Leaving A Good Legacy
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