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Why Traveling the World is Actually an Investment in Yourself

by | Freedom

One of the main reasons that people don’t just take off from work to travel the world is that they feel that it’s an expensive luxury. They operate under the assumption that travel is for the rich. While it’s true that it takes money and time to be able to travel, it’s anything but a luxury. Traveling the world is actually an investment in yourself. So, this year, make time to broaden your horizon and better yourself by traveling to new places and experiencing other parts of the world.

Traveling the World Puts Your Problems in Perspective

If you’ve ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders, there’s nothing like traveling to a country where others are far less fortunate to alleviate that pressure. When you see how the vast majority of the world lives, it’s almost impossible to feel resentful of your own circumstances.

Hopefully, having your own problems put in perspective will inspire you to give back in a sustainable way to the communities you visit.

Even if you happen to visit corners of the world where people have similar privileges, those experiences still have the ability to impact your perspective. After all, humanity is humanity, and we all have issues we need to work through. When you travel the world, you get a front-row seat to see how everyone else lives, and you start to realize that we all need to work with one another to make the world a better place.

Traveling the World Eliminates Fear of Other Cultures

Again, when you get that front-row seat to the way everyone else lives, you begin to develop a greater sense of empathy. You realize that everyone is a person; everyone deserves love and compassion.

It’s so easy to classify people who don’t look or sound like you as “other,” but the truth is that we’re all human, and there’s no reason to fear one another. The first step to eliminating that fear is to foray into understanding. When you travel the world, you take that leap into understanding and being a part of someone else’s rich and colorful life.

Traveling the World Inspires You to Achieve Greatness

Finally, traveling the world is an investment in yourself in that it inspires you to achieve greatness. Opening yourself up to new perspectives and seeing the world through different lenses allows you to see greater potential in yourself and in others.

Traveling is one of the most inspirational things you can do, so what are you waiting for? Achieve greatness, broaden your horizons, and learn to love the world!


  1. Tamra Henry

    Ty and Vanessa truly define the word service by how they live on a daily basis. I’m grateful for the brain power that inspired the making of this website.

  2. Nickiesha Francis

    I love my amazing mentors, awesome awesome awesome couple very down to earth and just amazing. Love you guys

  3. Ryan Rose

    My best friends/family. You guys are truly such loving and caring people. Always being selfless and seeing every situation in a positive way. Thank you for taking me and my wife under your wings and showing us you can have your cake and eat it too. You just got to make it. Because of both of you we are in control of where we are going to be in 5 years.

  4. Patricia Phillips

    Congrats to you both, ambassadors for Jamaica (and not sure about the spirituality part so wont say and of Jesus until I get to know you better) . Your knit lives embody the union of cultures in a tangible way – Jamaica and the USA. Although the latter is a powerful, if not the most powerful group of nations on the planet, it has gained much from little developing nation Jamaica. Your success, augurs well for our island nation, as those of us thirsting for more in our life, who still call Jamaica home, benefit from your mentorship and continuing investment in Jamaicans. Our ailing economy and failing social systems are desperate for wealthy philanthropic citizens here and in the diaspora!

  5. Sandra

    I am so grateful to have Ty and Venessa has my Mentors, you are truely sent from heaven, you are the most authentic people I have the pleasure of meeting…
    I love you very much.

  6. Gawayne Chambers

    Well said their is a big beautiful world out their it really makes sense that we all go and see it,i love and appreciate you both Ty and Venessa and thank you for doing what you do.

  7. Anna Stevens

    Ty and Venessa Crandell amazing mentors,role models. That thin thread that brought them together. I just love the fact that they want to change Jamaica for the better from the inside out. One Love! True champions.

  8. Lasanya Chamberlain

    Wow, so incredible. Amazing article about gaining perspective from another person’s point of view. Traveling is definitely a way how to win friends and influence people as it breaks the barrier between nationalities, social class, geophraphical ties and reveals all of us as human beings with the common desire to be important.

  9. Simone Lewis

    I love the concept about putting your problems in perspective. It really makes for a happier camper when one realizes that indeed their burden is not the heaviest. As John Maxwell says, he thought hard work was the way to success until he travelled to some countries and saw people work really hard, but didn’t accomplish much. Thank you Ty and Venessa for believing in Jamaica, serving us and investing in us. Inspiring in us a hope that is priceless. We love you!

  10. marsha rhoden

    Ty and Ven thank you for being a blessing to so many of us around the world. Love the unity and we will just mirror your success and teachings on leadership.Awesome!!!

  11. Marcia Kitson-Walters

    I give cudos to my amazing coaches Ty and Vanessa Crandell. Your humility and the unselfish ways in which you serve epitomises and depicts that of our maker and Saviour when he walked this earth. Continue to be obedient as you endeavour to accomplish that which you both have set out to achieve…. Change lives…. One person at a time…

  12. Kenneth Campbell

    Ty and Venessa finally we get the real truth and insight about our Diamond World Wide Group mentored, mentors. Even tonight you are sowing into our minds positive values, educating us on entrepreneurship mindset and Venessa doing this while you are with child !! Thank you, real servant-hood, true mentorship.

  13. Chev

    Amazing friends with an amazing vision. Dreams do come True!

  14. Melinda Hoag-Peets

    Thank you Ty & Vanessa for your beautiful spirits and hearts, and sharing your experiences.
    Since my childhood, sharing dreams with my mom, Jamaica has been the first place on earth I’ve wanted to visit. Now, you two further the belief, and inspire me to dream bigger and work harder to go there. I hope and pray I too can create business there.