Work-Life Balance Tips For Couples Who Are Both Employed

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Family

The days of conventional family roles are a thing of the past. Nowadays, working husbands are expected to do their share in household chores while housewives have the option to pursue their careers. The evolving family structure is beneficial because it breaks gender-based stereotypes that can prevent one from realizing their full potential. Yet this advantage does not come easy as dual-career couples should know how to properly balance their profession and family life. The following are some tips to make it work:

Reach a compromise.

There are so many things to consider once a couple decides to both become employees. Who will be with the kids at home? What happens if a job promotion would require relocation? How will your family manage to still have bonding time sessions?  The things mentioned above are just a few concerns so it is vital to talk about all the possibilities and consequences as well as agree on solutions you can apply.

A serious discussion weighing the pros and cons for both parties can help couples reach a compromise that is most beneficial for the family. In making decisions, couples can consider factors such as priorities and timing. For example, husbands and wives can agree on a time frame (e.g., when kids are still very young) when it is not possible for both to be actively employed. A couple can decide which of them will stay at home while the other focuses on career goals. After a few years, the couple can then switch places so the other one can seek opportunities while the other becomes more involved at home.

Support each other.

Couples who both decide to practice their profession should be aware of the huge challenges that await. The demands of home and work increase their risk of experiencing stress, burnout, and frustration. One of the best ways to beat these negative emotions is the knowledge that the two of you will always have each other’s back. Make it easy to stay sane while striving to juggle work and personal life by motivating and lifting each other up. Always be ready to offer advice or support when needed.

Embrace flexibility.

Dual-career couples should not just be adept at laying out plans. They should also be ready to cope with any unprecedented changes that can arise. With adaptability skills, one can identify and create opportunities out of every situation. For example, a wife who has to quit her job can use her spare hours at home to equip herself with new skills that can make her stay competitive in the job market. She can also challenge herself by seeking part-time jobs or starting a small business from home.

Not too long ago, many shunned the idea of a household where Mom and Dad can boast of both a successful career and a happy family. The concept seems impossible to attain and too good to be true. However, modern families are now proving that it is very doable as long as both couples are totally committed to making it work.